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 Be Going To
(1) future plans decided before "I can't go with you tonight I'm going to study at the library with some friends." (2) predictions we can see now "Look at the clouds! It's going to rain."
 Future Time Clauses (Part 1)
"I'll eat dinner tonight when I finish my homework."
 Future Time Clauses (Part 2)
Time conjunctions: when, while, before, after, until, as soon as, by the time
 Moby Dick - Herman Melville
Flask suddenly shouted, "The ship! Moby Dick's going to hit the Pequod."
 Moby Dick - Herman Melville
Are you sailing with Captain Ahab? Yes, we're sailing with him.
 Moby Dick - Herman Melville
"So am I going to die on the ocean?" Captain Ahab asked. "Will I die on this trip? Will I die before I kill the white whale?"
 Predicting the Future (Part 1)
(1) Future facts "I will turn 33 next year." (2) Prodictions based on your opinion "I believe my team will win tomorrow." (3) time and conditional clauses "He'll probably call if he gets stuck in traffic." "When you get home will you make dinner?"
 Predicting the Future (Part 2)
"I'm not going to get home early this evening. The traffic is terrible."
 Three Ways to Express Future Events
(1) present continuous: Emphasizes the present effect of the future event. Fixed plans. (2) be going to: Emphasizes the intention. Plans made in the past. (3) present simple: Future event based on a schedule or timetable. Used in subordinate clauses.
 Three Ways to Express Future Events 1
Very sure future plans "What are you doing tonight?" "She is going shopping after class." "What time are you comming to the party?"