1980-05-21 Kwangju riot and future stability
by politician on 2020-05-23
지역주의(regionalism)와 전라도 정치 지도자 김대중의 체포(the detention of Kim Dae Jung, Cholla's leading politician)에 대한 반발로 심각한 폭동(serious rioting)이 일어났다. 그리고 투입된 군인들이 경쟁 관계에 있는 경상도에서 왔다는 비난(charges)이 사태를 악화시켰다.
※민주화라는 말은 찾아볼 수 없다.

Slogans in Kwangju are in many ways similar to those seen in Seoul and elsewhere. Why then has this southern city fallen into serious rioting and a very great loss of the government's ability to maintain public order? It is probable that regionalism is playing significant role in the intensity of the riot in Kwangju. Cholla people have felt themselves second class citizens for a long, long time and they escalated their protest to spirited confrontation with the authorities quickly in response to news of the detention of Kim Dae Jung, Cholla's leading politician, and the declaration of emergency martial law.