Chinese people in North America
◌◌◌ Alcohol
◌◌◌ Canada
provinces & territories
 physical appearance
 Sport in Canada
 English language
◌◌◌ Indians
When the first Europeans came to North America, they mistakenly believed that they had reached India, so they referred to the people as Indians.
◌◌◌ Jazz
improvisation, syncopation, ragtime, saxophone, cornet, bop, Luis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Dizzy Gillespie, Billy Holliday
◌◌◌ Canada
 African slavery
 Leonardo and Michelangelo
◌◌◌ Lincoln
-- Emancipation Proclamation
◌◌◌ pcychology
◌◌◌ Hiroshima
→ scorch, leukemia
◌◌◌ Shakespeare
◌◌◌ Inuit
◌◌◌ corruption
◌◌◌ Hawaii
 Benjamin Franklin
 ice hockey
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