bald eagle
→ streak, plumage, carri
 Two Friends and a Bear
 Nan Madol
◌◌◌ Mars
 The Phantom of the Opera
  The Three Little Gnomes
 Zorro 02
 Captain William Kidd
 The Honest Woodcutter
 Vowel Sounds
 R 2
◌◌◌ Sun
◌◌◌ Jupiter
 Zorro 01
◌◌◌ Mercury
◌◌◌ Neptune
◌◌◌ Uranus
◌◌◌ catalogue
Most of these artifacts and ancient settlements can be cataloged and understood by archeologists and scientists quite easily.
◌◌◌ Pluto
◌◌◌ CON
◌◌◌ Earth
◌◌◌ homophones
◌◌◌ Venus
 US State Names
 Flap T
  suffix : -ious, -eous
 Rich Burnett
 Erosion by Water
  Philippine Eagle
 Ali Baba and the 40 thieves
◌◌◌ Schwa
 The Californian's Tale
 Shanxingdui bronze tree
→ Sanxingdui, Sichuan, Shu, pit, relic
 AA as in black
  Geocentric to Heliocentric
  Australian nature
 Silent Letters
◌◌◌ Saturn
 10 What are Forces?
  Jack and the Beanstalk
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