○○○ Kamala Harris ⪢⪢
U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris meets with Polish officials including President Andrzej Duda to support members of the NATO military alliance. 2022-03-10
○○○ Li Keqiang ⪢⪢
European Union officials begin talks with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang by video link as the EU seeks China's help with restrictions on Russia. 2022-04-01
 2022-03-24 ⪢⪢
Ukraine's navy releases video of what it says is the Russian warship Orsk burning at the port city of Berdyansk.
○○○ South Ossetia ⪢⪢
The leader of Georgia's separatist South Ossetia area says he plans to begin steps to have the territory become part of Russia. 2022-03-31
 2022-03-18 ⪢⪢
In Ukraine, Russian forces carry out a missile strike on a military airplane repair center near the western city of Lviv.
 2022-03-31 ⪢⪢
Ukraine's Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk says Russia has agreed to let humanitarian aid enter the city of Mariupol and permit civilians to leave.
 2022-03-31 ⪢⪢
Satellite images taken March 31 appear to show a mass burial site near St. Andrew Church in Bucha, Ukraine, as Russia faces accusations of killing civilians.
○○○ Mallorca ⪢⪢
In Spain, U.S. agents seize a ship owned by Russian businessman Viktor Vekselberg in Mallorca. The U.S. has frozen all Vekselberg's property over his links to Russia's president. 2022-04-04
○○○ Guangxi ⪢⪢
A China Eastern Airlines airplane has crashed in the southern Guangxi area of China. There are no reports of survivors. 2022-03-21
 2022-03-23 ⪢⪢
In Ukraine, firefighters in Kyiv report the highest number of emergency calls since the war's start after Russia shelled the western part of the capital. #pronunciation
○○○ square off ⪢⪢
British and Estonian tanks square off against each other in a snowy wasteland not far from the Russian border. → square, jitter
 2022-03-15 ⪢⪢
Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy speaks by video link to a joint meeting of Canada's parliament to seek support against Russia.
 2022-03-17 ⪢⪢
Speaking to Germany's parliament, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy criticizes the country's earlier support for a Russian pipeline that, he said, endangered Ukrainian and European security.
 2022-04-07 ⪢⪢
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy speaks to the parliament of Greece calling for more weapons and new restrictions on Russia.
○○○ Shehbaz Sharif ⪢⪢
Shehbaz Sharif is elected prime minister of Pakistan after the removal of Imran Khan in a parliamentary vote of no confidence. 2022-04-11
○○○ Michelle Bachelet ⪢⪢
United Nations human rights chief Michelle Bachelet says air strikes in areas of Ethiopia have killed more than 300 people since November. Ethiopia disputes the statement. 2022-03-08
○○○ Solomon Islands ⪢⪢
China confirms it signed a security agreement with the Solomon Islands that could send Chinese police and armed forces to the Pacific nation. 2022-04-20
○○○ rule ⪢⪢
And the U.S. government says it will stop enforcing rules to wear face coverings on public transfortation after a federal judge ruled the COVID-19 measure is unlawful. 2022-04-20
 2022-03-15 ⪢⪢
In Ukraine, an airstrike hits an apartment building on the edge of Kyiv as Russian military forces move closer to the city's center.
 2022-04-05 ⪢⪢
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says since Ukraine cannot join the NATO military alliance, it is forced to seek security guarantees from Russia. #pronunciation
 2022-04-06 ⪢⪢
China describes reports and images of civilian deaths in the Ukrainian city of Bucha as "deeply disturbing" and calls for an investigation. #pronunciation
 2022-04-08 ⪢⪢
In Ukraine, officials say a Russian missile struck a train station in eastern Ukraine killing about 50 people. Russia denies targeting the station. #pronunciation
○○○ Javelin ⪢⪢
The FGM-148 Javelin is a man-portable fire-and-forget anti-tank missile manufactured in the United States by Texas Instruments which is now Raytheon Missile Systems and Martin Marietta which is now Lockheed Martin.
○○○ commission ⪢⪢
In Beijing, the National Health Commission says the country has given 3.22 billion injections of COVID-19 vaccine since the start of the pandemic. 2022-03-21
○○○ warhead ⪢⪢
 2022-03-10 ⪢⪢
Ukraine's foreign minister says peace talks with Russian officials have yet to produce an agreement in negotiations supported by Turkey.
 2022-03-29 ⪢⪢
In Istanbul, Turkey, the Ukrainian delegation at peace talks with Russia says a future peace deal must include security guarantees from several Western nations.
 2022-03-28 ⪢⪢
Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyy signals willingness to compromise while Russia's foreign minister says direct talks between the Russian and Ukrainian presidents would be "counterproductive".
○○○ Sri Lanka ⪢⪢
In Sri Lanka, police fire into a crowd protesting the country's economic crisis, killing one person and injuring several others. 2022-04-21
 2022-04-15 ⪢⪢
In Ukraine, powerful explosions hit near Kyiv. Russia says it struck a missile factory 2 weeks after withdrawing from the area.
○○○ imminent ⪢⪢
Throughout the past few months there _____ been almost constant news and coverage in the West about Russia's imminent plans to invade Ukraine.
○○○ amass ⪢⪢
And immediately prior to this declaration, the Russian army had amassed around 200,000 soldiers along with their tanks, artillery, equipment and field hospitals across their border and many others inside of Belarus along their border with Ukraine.
 2022-04-12 ⪢⪢
The mayor of Mariupol, Ukraine, says he believes more than 10,000 civilians have died since Russian forces invaded the city.
 1223 ⪢⪢
The Mongols then move north where they are defeated by the Bulgarians before disappearing. The Russian princes don't know it yet but this was only a small vanguard on the lookout.
○○○ disruption ⪢⪢
The result was only temporary though RT confirmed the distributed disruption of service on Twitter but said it repelled the hit on its servers. The site is back up and running. 2022-02-26
○○○ should ⪢⪢
It's Putin's superyacht and it's on the move. The magnificent $125 million vessel is sailing back home to Russia in a bid, experts say, to prevent it from being seized by the West _____ Putin invade Ukraine. 2022-02-16
○○○ trade agreement ⪢⪢
ᐥjust what it sounds likeᐥ #economy
 2022-04-13 ⪢⪢
And the presidents of four nations close to Russia travel to Kyiv to show support for Ukraine. The trips came after Russian President Vladimir Putin promised his country's offensive will continue to its full completion.
○○○ condemn ⪢⪢
And Japan, South Korea and the United States condemn North Korea for firing a long-distance missile Thursday that landed in Japan's western waters. 2022-03-24
○○○ newspaper ⪢⪢
If you don't read the newspaper, you are uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you are misinformed. #Mark_Twain #quote
○○○ restriction ⪢⪢
Japanese officials announce all COVID-19 restrictions in Tokyo and 17 areas _____ be lifted on March 21. 2022-03-16 #pronunciation
○○○ lock on ⪢⪢
Javelin is a fire-and-forget missile with lock on before launch and automatic self-guidance.
○○○ Yoon Suk Yeol ⪢⪢
In South Korea, President-elect Yoon Suk Yeol says he will build up the U.S. alliance and deal firmly with North Korea after winning the country's presidential election. 2022-03-10 #will_would
○○○ news ⪢⪢
Do not buy either the moon or the news, for in the end they will both come out. #quote #Arabic_Proverb
◌◌◌ offer
As a result, I am offering to buy 100% of Twitter for $54.20 per share in cache, a 54% premium over the day before I began investing in Twitter and a 38% premium over the day before my investment was publicly announced.
 2022-04-11 ⪢⪢
A Ukrainian defence ministry spokesman says Russia is expected to launch a major offensive in eastern Ukraine soon.
○○○ sport ⪢⪢
It features North Korea's so-called Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un sporting a cool leather jacket and cool sunglasses.
○○○ bizarre ⪢⪢
North Korea released a bizarre hollywood style video this week, promoting the country's recent missile test launch.
○○○ place ⪢⪢
China places heavy COVID-19 restrictions on Shanghai, including testing requirements and travel bans, as case numbers there rise. 2022-03-28
○○○ detain ⪢⪢
In South Korea's presidential campaign, the chairman of the ruling Democratic Party is attacked. Song Young-gil was treated for non-serious wounds. The 70-year-old attacker was detained. 2022-03-07
 2022-03-16 ⪢⪢
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy speaks before the U.S. Congress by video link urging lawmakers to close the sky over his country as Russia's offensive continues.
 2022-03-24 ⪢⪢
Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyy speaks to the NATO gathering in Brussels by video link. He urged the military alliance for more help in defending Ukraine from Russia.
○○○ Manila ⪢⪢
In the Philippines, heavy traffic returns as officials open Manila and 38 other cities, ending almost all COVOD-19 restrictions as cases fall. 2022-03-01
○○○ emblazon ⪢⪢
We're finally learning today what "Z" means. It's Russian shorthand for victory emblazoned on Russian tanks and military vehicles in Ukraine. Today critiques around the world are calling it "the New Swastika". 2022-03-08
○○○ spy ⪢⪢
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un reportedly visits a center for his country's spy satellite program, bringing attention to the country's banned missile programs. 2022-03-11
 2022-03-09 ⪢⪢
Offcials in Ukraine say houses in the northeastern city of Sumy were destroyed by a Russian airstrike as fighting between the sides continues.
○○○ vigilante ⪢⪢
Online vigilantes are joining the fight against Russia after its invasion of Ukraine. 2022-02-26
○○○ mass production ⪢⪢
○○○ The Great Depression ⪢⪢
○○○ offer ⪢⪢
North Korean media says leader Kim Jung Un exchanged letters with South Korean president Moon Jae-in and offered thanks for his attempts to improve relations. 2022-04-22
 1223 ⪢⪢
In the east, the Kahn of the Cumans is attacked by unknown knights coming from the far east who are called the Mongols. The Russian princes form a coaltion to repel this new threat but they are defeated. #pronunciation
 2022-04-06 ⪢⪢
In Romania, a car crashes into the entrance of the Russian Embassy in Bucharest and explodes killing the driver.
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