2022.04.06 ⪢⪢
China describes reports and images of civilian deaths in the Ukrainian city of Bucha as "deeply disturbing" and calls for an investigation. #bookmark
 2022.04.06 ⪢⪢
In Romania, a car crashes into the entrance of the Russian Embassy in Bucharest and explodes killing the driver.
○○○ Ayman al-Zawahri ⪢⪢
The leader of the terror group al-Qaida, Ayman al-Zawahri, releases a video praising a Muslim woman in India for rejecting a ban on head coverings and providing proof he is alive. 2022-04-06
○○○ AgriCarbon ⪢⪢
And in South Africa, the government launches AgriCarbon, an internationally-supported program to help reduce carbon from farms. 2022-04-06
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