Syria ⪢⪢
In northwestern Syria, several civilians, including children, were killed in a missile strike on a building housing displaced people from other parts of the country. 2019-12-24
○○○ during ⪢⪢
In northwestern, Syria 5 Turkish soldiers are killed by Syrian attacks _____ the ongoing fight between Turkish-backed Syrian rebels and the Syrian government. 2020-02-10
○○○ U.S. troops ⪢⪢
U.S. troops clash with pro-Syrian government groups in northeastern Syria. Syrian media report one civilian was killed and another wounded in the fighting. 2020-02-12
 Idlib, Syria
○○○ pull ⪢⪢
U.S. President Donald Trump defends a decision to pull U.S. troops from Northern Syria. The Trump Administration says Turkey will go forward with a planned operation into the area. 2019-10-07
○○○ envoy ⪢⪢
In New York, a special envoy tells the United Nations that 900,000 civilians have fled fighting in northwest Syria in less than three months. 2020-02-19 → flee
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