blend ⪢⪢
The man's gray uniform blended with the blue sky and the white clouds behind him.
 blend ⪢⪢
Repeat the process gradually trimming down the longer top hair till it blends in with the shorter clipped hair.
 praying mantis
appendage, cannibalism, communal, abdomen, thistle, conspicuous, deimatic, iridescent, scant, deliberation, blend, empusa, thorax, skewer, spiny, abdamen
esoteric, Sumatra, Dobrnovich, Santa Barbra, hoped-for, thinly, rip-off, gullible, sequel, J. Edgar Hoover, bogus, outfit, apostolic, incidentally, coincidentally, disarmament, Shikshini, christen, preach, consecrate, pan out, blend, booze
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