boast ⪢⪢
In the U.S.A., prominent families may boast that their family came over on the Mayflower in 1620.
 boast ⪢⪢
Designed to be operated from an aircraft carrier, the X-47B is 38 feet long but boasts a wingspan of 62 feet.
○○○ aloft ⪢⪢
Though it already boasts a range of 2,400 miles, the ability to refuel without landing means that the X-47B can theoretically stay aloft for days or even weeks at a time. #bookmark
○○○ Northrop Grumman ⪢⪢
In 2011, Northrop Grumman introduced the top secret X-47B, an unmanned aerial combat vehicle boasting some very impressive capabilities.
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