break ⪢⪢
 break ⪢⪢
 break ⪢⪢
How can I say to you. I love somebody new. You were so good to me always. And when I see your eyes, I can't go on with love. It will _____ your heart but I just can't hide it. Oh, no. #song
 break ⪢⪢
◎◎◎ breakfast ⪢⪢
◎◎◎ riot ⪢⪢
A riot is a crowd that reacts to bad news by violently breaking laws.
◎◎◎ offense ⪢⪢
An offense is an action that breaks the law and requires punishment.
◎◎◎ breakdown ⪢⪢
○○○ Lunar New Year ⪢⪢
In Beijing, China, shops and offices reopen as the Lunar New Year holiday comes to an end. The break was extended to help fight the coronavirus outbreak. 2020-02-10
○○○ stampede ⪢⪢
It's the moment a stampede breaks out as thousands of people try to squeeze through a narrow tunnel. Victims find themselves pushed and crushed by the wave of humanity behind them. You can just imagine the terror. 2021-05-01
○○○ harness ⪢⪢
Harnessing this healing ability for humans would be a breakthrough.
 I helped my mother to make the captain's breakfast. ⪢⪢
○○○ obligatory ⪢⪢
Here's the obligatory pause and think break.
 2022-02-27 ⪢⪢
Breaking News; Russia unleashes a new wave of attacks on Ukrainian fuel facilities and airfields as it continues its relentless assault.
 0976 ⪢⪢
The Kievan Rus' is divided between the 3 heir sons and the fratricidal war breaks out. (0977) Vladimir, the prince of Novgorad, flees to Scandinavia where he forms an army of mercenaries. → mercenary
 0988 ⪢⪢
In exchange, Vladimir asks for the hand of the emperor's sister. But to get married, he first has to break with paganism and convert to Christianity. #pronunciation
 1019~1054 Yaroslav the Wise ⪢⪢
After Vladimir's death, a new fratricidal war breaks out and turns to the advantage of Yaroslav the Wise. During his rein, the territory of the Kievan Rus' continues to expand and the Pechenegs threat is eliminated. #pronunciation
○○○ breakfast ⪢⪢
○○○ breakfast ⪢⪢
 National Parks
Voyageurs, Cedar Breaks, Guadalupe Mountains, Congaree, North Cascades, Grand Staircase-Escalante, Isle Royale, Grand Canyon, Wrangell-St. Elias, Great Sand Dunes
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