choice ⪢⪢
A _____ is the act or possibility of picking something.
 choice ⪢⪢
I had my _____ of five doors to open.
◎◎◎ decision ⪢⪢
A _____ is a choice.
○○○ Salem ⪢⪢
This was the choice facing those accused of witch craft in the village of Salem, Massachusetts between February 1692 and May 1693.
○○○ wit ⪢⪢
The husband, frightened out of his wits, had no choice but to agree.
○○○ gauge ⪢⪢
But for now you can just think of a gauge as meaning a choice of coordinate system.
○○○ neutralize ⪢⪢
Thus your best choice would be the silty stream. It contains nothing your filter water bottle can't neutralize.
○○○ #TOEIC ⪢⪢
The best response to the question "Where is the meeting room?" is choice b "It's the first room on the right."
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