collect ⪢⪢
To _____ things is to group them together all in one place.
 collect ⪢⪢
I collected shells when I was younger. #bookmark
◎◎◎ wardrobe ⪢⪢
A wardrobe is the collection of all of a person's clothing.
○○○ soak ⪢⪢
Rain has a tiny bit of acid in it and when it _____s through soil, it collects some more. #bookmark
○○○ microscopic ⪢⪢
You will often see snakes flicking their tongue in and out. Again this snake is not being rude. It is actually tasting the air - collecting microscopic particles which it can analyze using a special organ in the roof of its mouth.
○○○ help ⪢⪢
A collection of lymph nodes and vessels that help regulate the body's defenses.
○○○ collective ⪢⪢
Other hackers with the _____ claim to have taken down websites associated with the Russian government including the Russian ministry of defense. 2022-02-26 #bookmark
○○○ government ⪢⪢
A central government that collects taxes and spends money and a central bank which is different from other buyers and sellers because it controls the amount of money and credit in the economy. #economy
○○○ Chocolate Hills ⪢⪢
The Chocolate Hills in the Philippines are a collection of over a thousand mounds that turn chocolatey brown during Bohol's dry season. #image #place
 Linear systems
A collection of 2 or more linear equations
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