commission ⪢⪢
In Beijing, the National Health Commission says the country has given 3.22 billion injections of COVID-19 vaccine since the start of the pandemic. 2022-03-21
 commission ⪢⪢
China's national health commission announces changes to its "Zero-COVID" policy permitting some infected people to recover at home and ending some testing requirements. 2022-12-07
○○○ enact ⪢⪢
The European Commission reaches an agreement with the United States in a dispute over metal tarrifs enacted by former president Donald Trump. 2021-05-17
○○○ commissioner ⪢⪢
And in Britain, the commissioner for London's police says hundreds of police shouldn't be here after a police officer admits to 24 rapes. 2023-01-17 → commission
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