condemn ⪢⪢
 condemn ⪢⪢
 condemn ⪢⪢
And Japan, South Korea and the United States condemn North Korea for firing a long-distance missile Thursday that landed in Japan's western waters. 2022-03-24 #new
○○○ espouse ⪢⪢
Militant Islamic terrorists in Egypt have left a bloody trail of destruction. The loss of inocent lives from deadly bombings and other attacks had led the government to condemn extremist Islamic terrorists that espouse violence.
 Red Menace
menace, squad, Mohamed bin Salman, hegemony, authoritarianism, endorse, condemnation, smear, Sandanista, cataclysmic, panic-addled, Bill Kristol, vet, tar, heinous, red-baiting, McArthyism, McArthyite, pathetic, Fulgencio Batista, vile, pillage, vis-a-vis
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