condemn ⪢⪢
To condemn someone means to give them a specific punishment.
 condemn ⪢⪢
The judge condemned the criminal to 5 years in prison.
 condemn ⪢⪢
And Japan, South Korea and the United States condemn North Korea for firing a long-distance missile Thursday that landed in Japan's western waters. 2022-03-24
 condemn ⪢⪢
U.S. government officials and human rights groups condemn the executions in Myanmar of four political prisoners. The military government had accused the activists of carrying out "terror acts." 2022-07-25 #new
 Red Menace
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○○○ espouse ⪢⪢
Militant Islamic terrorists in Egypt have left a bloody trail of destruction. The loss of inocent lives from deadly bombings and other attacks had led the government to condemn extremist Islamic terrorists that espouse violence.
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