connect ⪢⪢
 connect ⪢⪢
◎◎◎ relate ⪢⪢
○ To relate to something means to have a connection with it. ○ A company's plan usually relates to how much profit it can make.
○○○ ARPANET ⪢⪢
Funded by the US department of defence and developed by universities, this host-to-host network connection called ARPANET, a direct ancestor of the Internet, was the first of its kind.
 2017-01 ⪢⪢
An IT engineer is looking at the servers in this building and something seems off. The engineer notices that often in the middle of the night these servers are connecting to some server in Shanghai and uploading Emails and audio files. #pronunciation
○○○ omnipresent ⪢⪢
USB or universal serial bus cables are omnipresent in a highly connected modern world.
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