○○○ imminent ⪢⪢
Throughout the past few months there _____ been almost constant news and coverage in the West about Russia's imminent plans to invade Ukraine.
 0850 ± ⪢⪢
To the south is the powerful Byzantine Empire with its capital Constantinople, an important commercial crossroads between East and West. The city is attractive and interests some Vikings also known as the Varangians.
 0850 ± ⪢⪢
They go up the rivers with their light boats that they can then carry to the sources of the Dnieper and reach the Black Sea. In Constantinople, they sell mainly furs, honey and slaves captured along the way.
○○○ take measures ⪢⪢
Tired of the constant danger that the cat presented, one of the mice decided to summon a general counsel so that all the mice could debate what measures they could take to outwit their common enemy the cat.
 0989 ⪢⪢
After his baptism and wedding, Christianity of the Byzantine Rite becomes the official religion of the Kievan Rus', under the authority of the Patriarch of Constantinople.
 1054 ⪢⪢
In 1054, after tensions between Rome and Constantinople, Christianity is split between the Orthodox and Catholic Churches. This further widens the gap between the Slaves of the Kievan Rus' and the Polish Slaves who had converted to Catholicism.
 1202 ⪢⪢
At the same time, a fourth crusade, initially sent to the Holly Land, is diverted to Constantinople. The city is besieged and then pillaged. The Byzantine Empire finds itself divided and Kievan Russia loses an important ally. → divert, besiege, pillage
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