control ⪢⪢
 control ⪢⪢
 Apollo Mission
Apollo Mission Simulators & Computer Control Company's DDP-224 Vintage Computer 3C NASA
○○○ ransomware ⪢⪢
The cyber attack was described by experts as ____. Companies, government agencies and hospitals around the world lost control of their computer's data. Affected computers received a message demanding payment of $300 to regain control of the data. → ransom
○○○ Western Sahara ⪢⪢
The United States on Sunday started the process of establishing diplomatic offices in Western Sahara after recognizing Morocco's control of the devided country. #image #place
○○○ refine ⪢⪢
The principal refined his method of controlling students over the years. #bookmark
○○○ 2021-08-16 flee ⪢⪢
America's nearly two decade long involvement in Afghanistan is coming to an abrupt and chaotic end. Today Taliban fires took control of the capital Kabul. President Ashraf Ghani suddenly fled the country. #bookmark #front
○○○ marvel ⪢⪢
They battled their way onto civilion planes which took off with hundreds of passengers jammed inside. One air traffic controller marveled as a pilot ferry 800 people to Dubai in a plane designed for 150. 2021-08-17
○○○ hand ⪢⪢
Chinese President Xi Jinping arrives in Hong Kong to mark the 25th anniversary of Britain handing over control of its former colony to China. 2022-06-30
○○○ 1959 Fidel Castro took control of the island nation of Cuba ⪢⪢
only 90 miles from the state of Florida. He established Cuba as a communist nation and began forging a close relationship with the Soviet Union, which concerned the United States. → forge, concern
○○○ 0882+ ⪢⪢
In the southeast, tensions rise with the rich Khazar kingdom which controls the important Volga trade route.
○○○ government ⪢⪢
A central government that collects taxes and spends money and a central bank which is different from other buyers and sellers because it controls the amount of money and credit in the economy. #economy
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