cross ⪢⪢
 cross ⪢⪢
 cross ⪢⪢
◎◎◎ chapel ⪢⪢
→ parish, priest, adoration, tabernacle, the Sistine Chapel, Vatican, the Chapel of Bones, sainte-chapelle, Silent Night Chapel, the Chapel of the Holy Cross
○○○ fandango ⪢⪢
We skipped the light _____. Turned cartwheels 'cross the floor. I was feeling kinda seasick. But the crowd called out for more. The room was humming harder. As the ceiling flew away. #song #lyrics
○○○ 0850± Byzantine Empire ⪢⪢
To the south is the powerful Byzantine Empire with its capital Constantinople, an important commercial crossroads between East and West.
○○○ deploy ⪢⪢
U.S. troops crossed into Romania from Hungary late Wednseday. About 1,000 U.S. troops are being deployed there because of the Russia-Ukraine crisis.
○○○ crossing ⪢⪢
In Canada, the busiest border crossing with the U.S. opens after police arrested protesters and seized vehicles. But other protests continue against COVID-19 rules.
○○○ Medyka ⪢⪢
Ukrainian refugees continue to arrive at Poland's Medyka border crossing as Russian forces face increasing accusations of civilian killings. 2022-04-05
○○○ border ⪢⪢
You need a passport when you cross the _____ .
 09 The Vector Cross Product
 Cross Product
Given two nonzero vectors in two or three dimensions, their cross product is a vector with magnitude equal to the product of the magnitudes of the vectors times the sine of the angle between the vectors and direction perpendicular to the vectors.
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