detain ⪢⪢
West African officials arrive in Mali where the military appears to have detained the president and prime minister. 2021-05-25
 detain ⪢⪢
In South Korea's presidential campaign, the chairman of the ruling Democratic Party is attacked. Song Young-gil was treated for non-serious wounds. The 70-year-old attacker was detained. 2022-03-07
○○○ Osman Cavala ⪢⪢
And in Turkey, government lawyers detained businessman Osman Cavala late Tuesday, hours after a court freed him on terrorism-related charges.
○○○ Burkina Faso ⪢⪢
In Burkina Faso, people celebrate in the capital, Ouagadougou, after reports say the president has been detained by rebel soldiers. 2022-01-24 #image #place
○○○ overthrow ⪢⪢
In Germany, thousands of police carry out raids and detain at least 25 suspects accused of planning a violent overthrow of the government. 2022-12-07
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