○○○ flank ⪢⪢
Flanked by officers, Kim strolls slow-mo out of a military installation like they're Peaky Blinders and Reservoir Dogs. #pronunciation
○○○ shover ⪢⪢
It's bears vs dogs. Watch these 4 pups come dangerously close to a big brown bear and her 2 cubs invading their back yard in California. Chaos ensues. The bear swipes its paw at one of the pups.
○○○ shover ⪢⪢
That's when the dogs' owner runs out and pushes the big bear there off the wall with her own 2 hands. The bear shover is Hailey Morinico and she's just 17 years old.
○○○ bust ⪢⪢
A woman is in handcuffs busted by two law enforcement officers. But you may be surprised at the charge. Her offense; she was walking her two dogs off leash.
○○○ lurk ⪢⪢
A coati kitten just 6 weeks old. The time has come for it to leave the safety of the canopy but danger lurks down there, hungry bush dogs and a spider with venom that will kill.
◌◌◌ rain
rain showers ┆ rainstorm ┆ thunderstorm ┆ spitting ┆ drizzling ┆ raining ┆ pouring ┆ downpour ┆ rain cats and dogs ┆ the sky has opened up ┆ rain on and off ┆ scattered showers ┆ the rain let up ┆ soaked
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