○○○ Yunnan ⪢⪢
The herd of 14 has been roaming around China's Yunnan province. They are a different group from that famous herd of elephants who've been traveling across China for the past several months. 2021-07-17
○○○ sled ⪢⪢
The sledding crew looked to be having fun. After their ride they snacked on sugar cane. That's the elephant equivalent of going out for ice cream.
○○○ traipse ⪢⪢
The drone also captured the elephants doing not so cute things like traipsing through crops and stealing food from local residents.
○○○ weigh in at ⪢⪢
Weighing in at a staggering 4 tonnes, the dominant bull elephant seal or "the beach master" would be an absolute force to be reckoned with. → weigh, tonne, reckon
○○○ courtesy of ⪢⪢
The elephant seal can lash out immense amounts of damage courtesy of its enormous neck muscles that propel their jaws like a sledge hammer.
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