exercise ⪢⪢
It was understood that the reason for the nearly two hundred thousands soldiers and warmachines that Russia has piled up on the Ukrainian border was not the exercise.
○○○ Kim Yo Jong ⪢⪢
In North Korea, Kim Yo Jong, sister to the country's leader said South Korea will face new security threats for joint military exercises with the United States. 2021-08-10
○○○ shell ⪢⪢
A separatist leader in eastern Ukraine is calling for civilians to evacuate to Russia. Shelling between Russian and Ukrainian forces continues as Russia holds a nuclear training exercise. → call for
○○○ indoors ⪢⪢
In Taiwan, roads were emptied and people were ordered to stay indoors as officials carried out a major air raid exercise. 2022-07-25 #new
 Present Continuous
(1) activities happening now (2) things happening around now "I am not doing a lot of exercise these days." (3) a very sure plan about the future "Next week, I am flying to Canada."
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