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⨀⨀⨀ Lay's ⪢⪢
 lay ⪢⪢
We'll look at these three forces and how laying them on top of each other creates a good template for tracking economic movements and figuring out what's happening now. #economy
 lay ⪢⪢
 Relative Dating of Rock Layers
 Integumentary System
Layers of the Skin
○○○ bark ⪢⪢
They gnaw through bark to eat the sugary layer underneath.
○○○ bedrock ⪢⪢
Finally and most importantly, mountains have deformed bedrock, meaning the layers of rock beneath the surface have been folded, faulted and tilted by the movement of Earth's crust.
○○○ plateau ⪢⪢
Like a mountain a plateau tends to have high elevation different though in that it has very little relief it tends to be fairly flat. Most importantly plateaus do not have deformed bedrock rather they have horizontal or flat bedrock layers. → prairie
○○○ drip ⪢⪢
As the water drips and later evaporates, it leaves behind a thin layer of minerals. #pillow
○○○ courtesy of ⪢⪢
They have multiple layers of protection courtesy of their thick blubber which protect all their major veins and arteries making them extremely difficult to dispatch.
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