mythology ⪢⪢
Most myths have supernatural beings or events. Greek _____ is the most popular and influential but many cultures around the world had their own tales and stories.
○○○ Tuesday ⪢⪢
Tuesday is Mars day. But the Anglo-saxons had their own sky god of war named Tiw or Tyr in Norse Mythology known as the one-handed war god (due to his hand having been bitten off by a wolf). #front #Greece
○○○ Wednesday ⪢⪢
The reason that _____ is spelled so funny is because it's actually Woden's day. Woden was the big guy of Germanic mythology and the creator of the universe and master of hunting and war while the Roman god Mercury was a mere messenger to the gods. #Greece
○○○ Monday ⪢⪢
Monday is moon day. Roman mythology had the moon goddess Luna which is why French has Lundi, Spanish Lunes, but here English substituted its own old English word for moon, Mona. #front #Greece
○○○ rebirth ⪢⪢
A symbol of birth and rebirth, this bird is derived from Egyptian and Greek mythology though many cultures have their own version.
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