plate ⪢⪢
◎◎◎ dish ⪢⪢
A dish is a plate.
◎◎◎ tray ⪢⪢
A tray is a flat plate used to hold food.
○○○ erosion ⪢⪢
The reason we don't see the asteroid impacts on earth the same way we see the craters on the moon is because on earth those craters have been wiped away by the action of weather and erosion and weathering and the movement of tectonic plates.
○○○ plateau ⪢⪢
Like a mountain a plateau tends to have high elevation different though in that it has very little relief it tends to be fairly flat. Most importantly plateaus do not have deformed bedrock rather they have horizontal or flat bedrock layers. → prairie
 The Intermediate Plateau
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