plunge ⪢⪢
To _____ means to move down into something very quickly. → fall, tumble
 plunge ⪢⪢
These incidents, many caught on video over the past 2 decades, show U.S. military encounters with shadowy objects that seem capable of traveling upwards at 11,000 miles per hour, changing direction and plunging into water without slowing down. #bookmark
 plunge ⪢⪢
◎◎◎ tumble ⪢⪢
To _____ means to fall often in a rolling way. → plunge
○○○ Capricorn is symbolized by a goat with a fishtail. ⪢⪢
Zeus had a son with her nanny who fed him with goat milk. Pan was born from this union. During the uprise of Taifa against Zeus with the intent of escaping from the monster, Pan plunged into the waters and formed her fishtail.
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