rule ⪢⪢
And the U.S. government says it will stop enforcing rules to wear face coverings on public transfortation after a federal judge ruled the COVID-19 measure is unlawful. 2022-04-20
○○○ cosmology ⪢⪢
And part of this belief was that everything from cosmology and metaphysics to music and morals followed eternal rules describable as ratios of numbers.
○○○ rule out ⪢⪢
Tonight the U.S. intelligence community has no evidence those mysterious flying objects are aliens but they're not ruling it out.
○○○ humiliate ⪢⪢
And here they are the new rulers of Afghanistan taking over the presidential palace, a humiliating end to 20 years of American leadership in a faraway land. 2021-08-17
 2021-08-17 guarantee ⪢⪢
In Afghanistan, Taliban rulers say they will respect women's rights under Islamic law, forgive Taliban resisters and guarantee a secure Afghanistan.
○○○ crucible ⪢⪢
These were the waning decades of Roman rule and it was in this _____ of decline that England would be forged. → wane, forge
○○○ crossing ⪢⪢
In Canada, the busiest border crossing with the U.S. opens after police arrested protesters and seized vehicles. But other protests continue against COVID-19 rules.
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What is a Derivative? Deriving the Power Rule
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Integration Using The Substitution Rule
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 08 Chain Rule
Derivatives of composite functions
 power rule
(x˄n)ᐁx = n·x˄(n−1) #math
 Odd Number
The Odd Number Rule
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