set ⪢⪢
Every sun has to set. #quote #Arabic_Proverb
 set ⪢⪢
#TOEIC #pronunciation
◎◎◎ settle ⪢⪢
 I'm sailing away, ⪢⪢
set an open course for the virgin seas. I've got to be free, free to face the life that's ahead of me. On board I'm the captain so climb aboard. We'll search for tomorrow on every shore. And I'll try, oh Lord, I'll try to carry on. #have_got #song
○○○ Puritans ⪢⪢
Salem was settled in 1626 by _____ , a group of English protestants. Life was strict and isolated for the people of Salem. Battles with their native American neighbors and groups of French settlers were commonplace.
○○○ fan ⪢⪢
Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames. #quote #Persian_Proverb
 0850 ± ⪢⪢
The trade route develops rapidly attracting many varangian settlers who go founding fortified trading posts. One if them, called Rurik, is said to have founded the principality of Novgorod, becoming the first of a very long Rurik dynasty.
 0972 ⪢⪢
But the Khazar Kingdon, weakened, no longer holds back the nomadic tribes of Central Asia which come to settle in the South of the Kievan Rus'. Among them are the Pechenegs who in 972 kill Sviatoslav during an ambush.
 202W.02 The parametric solution set of a linear system
  Set Theory
Types of Sets, Unions and Intersections
 21 Analyzing Sets of Data: Range, Mean, Median, and Mode
The median and the mode dilute the impact of anomalous data.
 16 Divisibility, Prime Numbers, and Prime Factorization
The fundamental theorem of arithmetic: there is only one unique set of prime factors for any number.
 46 Set Theory: Types of Sets, Unions and Intersections
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