wand ⪢⪢
"You need donkey ears no more," and with the wave of her wand the donkey ears disappeared.
○○○ vestal ⪢⪢
She said, 'There is no reason'. And the truth is plain to see. But I wandered through my playing cards. And would not let her be. One of sixteen _____ virgins. Who were leaving for the coast. #song #lyrics
○○○ errant ⪢⪢
They called these errant objects planets, a word that means wandering stars.
○○○ Bastille ⪢⪢
The wands of smoke are rising from the walls of the Bastille and through the streets of Paris runs a sense of the unreal. The Kings have all departed. Their servants are no where. We burned out their mansions in the name of Robespierre. #song #lyrics
○○○ Paris ⪢⪢
The ghost of revolution still prowls the Paris streets. Down all the restless centuries it wanders incomplete. It speaks inside the cheap red wine of Cafe summer nights. Its red and amber voices call the cars at traffic lights. #song #lyrics
○○○ wander ⪢⪢
○○○ Priapus ⪢⪢
_____ was wandering back and forth looking for a sexual encounter. #Greece
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