withdraw ⪢⪢
Several European countries have cut transportation ties with Britain over fears of a new kind of coronavirus. The move comes as Britain prepares to withdraw from the EU. 2020-12-21
○○○ withdrawal ⪢⪢
Top British and European Union officials meet in London to finalize Britain's withdrawal from the EU. 2020-11-13
○○○ 2021.08.17 withdrawal ⪢⪢
American President Joe Biden defended the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan in a televised speech in Washington Monday.
○○○ Snake Island ⪢⪢
Ukraine calls the withdrawal of Russian forces from Snake Island in the Black Sea a victory. Russia says the move opens a path for agricultural exports. 2022-06-30
○○○ most favorite nation ⪢⪢
President Joe Biden says the United States will withdraw its "most favorite nation" trade ties from Russia in another punishment for Russia's actions in Ukraine. 2022-03-11
○○○ 2022.04.15 ⪢⪢
In Ukraine, powerful explosions hit near Kyiv. Russia says it struck a missile factory 2 weeks after withdrawing from the area.
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