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K-MAC | R    What Is Transferring 1.0 | R    
DNS Report | R
DNS.net, report about a name server of a domain
documents/tutorials | 3
How Virtual Private Networks Wor | R    MasMind | R    Virtual private network | R    
Domain Dossier | R
IP to host, host to ip, traceroute, whois zone file.
HTTP status codes | R
When a request is made to your server for a page on your site (for instance, when a user accesses your page in a browser or when Googlebot crawls the page), your server returns an HTTP status code in response to the request.
IP location | R
YouGetSignal.com, find the geophysical location of an IP address
IP open port | R
YouGetSignal.com, find if a port is opened with IP
ip-api | R
$handle = fopen("http://ip-api.com/json/".$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'], "r"); $cntnts = fread($handle,1000); fclose($handle); preg_match('/"countryCode":"([a-zA-Z]+)"/',$cntnts,$mtchs); Automatically ban any IP addresses doing over 150 requests per minute.
proxy server | 2
CACHING PROXY SERVERS | R    Proxy Servers | R    
Reverse IP Domain | R
Find other sites hosted on a web server by entering a domain or IP address above.
Speed Test | R
tests of residential DSL and cable connections
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