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2018-12-19 | R
Hodeida, truce, Houthi

2019-01-15 | R
Nairobi, al-Shabab, Theresa May, Ivorian, Laurent Gbagbo, Chechnya, detain

2019-01-16 | R
Uhuru Kenyatta, lawyers working for the international criminal court

2019-01-17 | R
Emmanuel Macron, Omar al-Bashir

2019-01-18 | R
Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Lindsey Graham, Ankara, Syria, mourner

2019-01-22 | R
Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa, Christiano Ronaldo, fraud

2019-01-23 | R
Caracas, Juan Guaido, Emiliano Sala, Tasmania, ride-hailing

2019-01-25 | R
Nicolas Maduro, Juan Guaido, interim, Roger Stone, Macedonia

2019-01-28 | R
Oleg Deripaska, Vladimir Putin

2019-01-29 | R
Asia Bibi, blasphemy, Mogadishu, Maurice Kamto

22 things in the kitchen | R
Use a measuring cup to measure how much of each ingredient you need to use in your recipe. Use a grater to grate or shred food into small pieces.

A case of corruption | R
Learn English from the News: A case of corruption

A cute baby bear video | R
Its mother inexplicably swipes at the youngster with her paw.

A Horseman in the Sky by Ambrose Bierce | R
No matter what happens, be sure you always do what you think is your duty.

A Rescue at Sea | R
ordeal, hull, drifting, resourceful, onslaught

AI | R
China, US, Japan Lead World AI Development

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves | R
But then they decided that what was best was to build a hidden trapdoor.

All about America | R

Androcles and the Lion | R
If they didn't work hard enough, they were sent to Rome to be thrown to the lions.

Aries the Ram - Constellation of the Zodiac | R

Artificial Satellites of Earth and Their Orbits | R

Australia - nature | R

Australia - people | R

Beavers | R
In the Rocky Mountains beaver dams slowly filter billions of tons of water. The ponds build up soil and nutrients and help prevent floods and droughts.

Belling the Cat | R
In an old mansion lived many mice. They lived a happy life but had a big danger nearby - a witty and big cat who also lived there. They decided to attach a small bell by a ribon round the neck of the cat. Who volunteered for the bell on the cat?

Bitcoin | R
The online magazine reported that the bitcoin was worth about 434 dollars as of January 6. The company Juniper Research says there were 1.3 million users in 2015. It estimates there will be 4.3 million users by the end of the next year.

Black Friday Sale | R

Canada | R

Caribbean Islands | R

Daedalus & Icarus | R
If a fisherman or a shepherd had looked up just then, he would have seen two very unusual birds hovering above the waves. No doubt he would have thought that he had caught sight of two winged gods.

Daedalus and Icarus Audio | R

Fake News | R
What to do about fake news articles?

Feeding Birds | R
When Feeding Birds, Think Safety and Health

Friendsgiving | R

Gemini the Twins - Constellation of the Zodiac | R

Geocentric to Heliocentric | R
If you were to go outside tonight and look at the night sky, you would observe stars and planets and the moon.

Google Sexual Harassment | R

History of Astronomy 1 | R
The Celestial Sphere and Early Observations

History of Astronomy 2 | R
Early Measurements of the Earth

History of Astronomy 3 | R
Copernicus and Heliocentrism

History of Astronomy 4 | R
Tycho Brahe

Homelessness in New York City | R

Hurricane Recovery | R
Semblance, normalcy, flood-prone, cramped, exorbitant, gutted, plummet, limbo

I'd Rather VS I Prefer: English Vocabulary Lesson | R

Immigration | R
Vocabulary about Immigration

Internet | R
Of all the technological innovations in history, few have made as strong of an impact as the internet.

Messer | 8
Denial of Service | R     Ethernet | R     IP | R     IPv4 and IPv6 Addressing | R     Optical Fiber | R     Phishing | R    

Moby Dick - Herman Melville | R
He is out there in the ocean. But he is here too in my dreams, always in my dreams. He is whiter than the first beautiful snow in winter - whiter than the stars in the sky on a warm summer's night.

Mohenjo Daro | R
Mohenjo Daro has no places of worship or governance such as palaces, royal tombs or temples. The class structure of Mohenjo Daro may have been relatively equal.

Nataruk fossils | R
Scientist Lahr said the findings raised the question of whether warfare has been part of human experience much longer than previously thought.

Omo Kibish, Ethiopia | R

On The Origin Of Species | R
How do we explain how animals have evolved over time. Charles Darwin, the British naturalist and geologist, famously answered this question in his book 'On The Origin Of Species' which proposed the mechanism of evolutionary change within animal species.

Orion the Hunter - All about the mythology, stars and celestial objects (N. Hemisphere perspecti | R

Orpheus | R
Once upon a time there lived a great musician in Greece called Orpheus. Orpheus lived with his wife Eurydice who loved him very deeply. Orpheus is also madly in love with Eurydice. They really were made for each other.

Phage Virus | R

Planet Nine | R
Has a Ninth Planet Been Discovered in Our Solar System?

Polaris: The North Star | R

Possessives | R

Robin Hood | R
earl, Huntington, arrogant, sheriff, Nottingham, Sherwood, Much, cavern, Nat, Will Scarlett, Michael Tuck, abbey, abbot, Marian Fitzwater, Malaset, Gisbourne, cloak, Alan of Barnsdale, Alan A'Dale, baron, Papplewick, bishop, banquet, fatty, Locksley

Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe | R

Sagittarius the Archer - Constellation of the Zodiac | R

Sleepy Hollow - Washington Irving | R
The valley known as Sleepy Hollow hides from the world in the high hills of New York state.

Solar System | R
Terrestrial, jovian, asteroid, Ceres, debris, kuiper belt, oort cloud, celestial

Taurus the Bull - Constellation of the Zodiac | R

Tax Reform | R
A proposed tax reform

The 13 British Colonies | R

The Californian's Tale by Mark Twain | R
"Now you tell her to her face that you could have stayed to meet her and you would not." "You don't think something has happened to her, do you?"

The Devil and Tom Walker by Washington Irving | R
"Let the devil take me if I have taken any money from you!"

The Executive Branch | R

The Legislative Branch | R

The Owl and the Lion | R
Once upon a time there lived a big ferocious lion in the jungle. Because he bullied every other animal, the animals needed a champion among them to go and teach him a lesson. Who volunteered?

The Pied Piper of Hamelin | R
"Good citizens of Hamelin, you may rest assured that what needs to be done is being done." The Pied Piper started to dance as he wound his way out of the town and all the rats followed him to the mountains.

The Prince with Donkey Ears | R
The king decreed that the prince was to use a special hat that would cover his ears and that he was never to take it off. When the royal barber took the prince's hat off he was surprised as was the prince to see the donkey ears.

The Three Branches of Government | R

They | R
“They” Wins as Linguists’ Word of the Year

Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson | R

Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson | R

Trojan Horse | R
"Sometimes what appears to be a gift can be a trap instead."

Types of Constellations | R

Types of Nebulae | R

Types of Star Clusters | R

Unwanted gifts | R
Unwanted gifts from parents to children

US election results | R
Vocabulary from the U.S. election results

US History Lesson | R
In between years, merchantilism

Viruses: Molecular Hijackers | R

Why did the Roman Empire fall? | R

Zorro | R
Reina de Los Angeles, El Camino Real, presidio, patio, tavern, Pedro Gonzales, Don Diego Vega, sombrero, senor, senorita, hacienda, Don Carlos Pulido, Dona Catalina, Lorita, Ramon, villain, bandit, Felipe, Don Alejandro, avenger, magistrate, Francisco
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