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allegations | R
Allegations are statements saying that someone has done something wrong or illegal. In a court of law evidence should prove an allegation in order for a judge or jury to declare guilt.

artifact | R
An artifact is a simple object made and used by people in the past. In science an artifact is a substance or structure formed by humans not nature.

atrocities | R
Atrocities are terrible acts often involving physical violence and harm.

burgeoning | R
Burgeoning means growing or developing quickly.

catastrophic | R
Catastrophic describes something involving great damage or suffering.

confront | R
confront - to question or object to something in a direct and forceful way "We will cooperate where we can, but will be ready to confront where we must."

cronyism | R
Cronyism is the practice of placing friends or associates in important positions without concern for their qualifications.

deliberately | R
Deliberately means something done on purpose.

desperate | R
The refugees are arriving in Bangladesh in desperate conditions. Desperate means very serious, bad or dangerous.

dissent | R
Dissent is public disagreement with an official opinion, decision or set of beliefs.

euphoria | R
Euphoria is a great feeling of happiness or excitement.

exonerated | R
Exonerated means someone is released from a guilty verdict.

pristine | R
In the enviroment pristine means not changed by people and left in the natural state.

ransomware | R
Ransomware is a harmful software. It blocks access to computer systems until users pay to get their data back.

renovation | R
Renovation means changes and repairs of a building to improve it.

restoration | R
Restoration returns something to its former appearance or importance after being damaged or ruined.

speculation | R
Speculation means ideas or guesses formed without firm evidence.

xenophobia | R
Over time xenophobia has come to mean hatred or fear of foreigners.
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