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artifact | R
An artifact is a simple object made and used by people in the past. In science an artifact is a substance or structure formed by humans not nature.
atrocities | R
Atrocities are terrible acts often involving physical violence and harm.
Catastrophic | R
confront | R
confront - to question or object to something in a direct and forceful way "We will cooperate where we can, but will be ready to confront where we must."
cronyism | R
Cronyism is the practice of placing friends or associates in important positions without concern for their qualifications.
deliberately | R
Deliberately means something done on purpose.
Desperate | R
Dissent | R
Ransomware | R
restoration | R
Restoration returns something to its former appearance or importance after being damaged or ruined.
speculation | R
Speculation means ideas or guesses formed without firm evidence.
xenophobia | R
Over time xenophobia has come to mean hatred or fear of foreigners.
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