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Brown v. Board of Education | R
US Supreme Court Decision: Brown v. Board of Education

Clash of Civilizations | R
Samuel Huntington | 1993

Ian Kershaw’s The "Hitler Myth" | R
An Introduction to Ian Kershaw’s The “Hitler Myth,” - A Macat History Analysis

Is fascism right or left? | R
The philosopher of fascism is Giovanni Gentile. Fascists are socialists with a national identity. Nazis is basically a contraction of the term 'national socialist'.

Revolutions | R
Revolutions 101 | National Geographic

The Communist Manifesto | R
by Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx

the discipline of Politics | R
An introduction to the discipline of Politics

the first 10 Amendments | R
The Bill of Rights-the first 10 Amendments

US-N.Korea peace summit | R
Who would benefit from jeopardizing US-N.Korea peace summit?

Why Socrates Hated Democracy | R

Woodrow Wilson | R
Woodrow Wilson, 28th President of the United States | Biography

Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points | R
Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points | History
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