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 Have and Have Got (Part 1)
As an auxiliary verb, 'have' is used to make perfect tenses. As a full verb, 'have' may mean posession or obligation.
 Have and Have Got (Part 2)
The verb 'have got' means posession or obligation and is used only in the present tense. "Has she got a lot of money?" "They haven't got a lot of money."
 logarithm - Krista King
By definition, when we say "log base b of x equals y", that's the same thing as saying "b to the y equals x". So if you want to find log base b of x, you're asking "what power do you have to raise b to in oder to get x?"
 Treasure Island
"We want that treasure," said Silver. "And you've got a map, right?" "Perhaps," said the captain. "I know you've got it," said Silver.