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 100 JOBS in English
 100 Synonyms
100 Synonyms to Expand Your English Vocabulary
 20 Powerful Adjectives
Learn 20 Powerful Adjectives in English
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News Words: Espouse
Euphoria is a great feeling of happiness or excitement.
Exonerated means someone is released from a guilty verdict.
 GRE Vocabulary - Part 1
GRE Vocabulary for Game of Thrones Fans - Part 1
 Holy Grail
News Words: Holy Grail
News Words: LGBT
 New words in 2017
New English words added to the dictionary in 2017
 Phrasal Verbs with TAKE
18 English Phrasal Verbs with TAKE
In the enviroment pristine means not changed by people and left in the natural state.
Ransomware is a harmful software. It blocks access to computer systems until users pay to get their data back.
News Words: Reconciliation
Renovation means changes and repairs of a building to improve it.
News Words: Resilient
Restoration returns something to its former appearance or importance after being damaged or ruined.
Speculation means ideas or guesses formed without firm evidence.
 Word Smart Vocabulary Building - Part 1
Word Smart Vocabulary Building - Part 1
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