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 Asymptotically equivalent
As a reminder, two sequences, a sub n and b sub n, are _____ equivalent if the limit, as n goes to infinity, of a sub n over b sub n is one.
 Golden ratio
"A length is devided into two parts in such a way that the smaller part is to the larger part in the same proportion as the larger one is to the whole." -- golden ratio/fractions/rational numbers
By definition, when we say 'log base b of x equals y', that's the same thing as saying 'b to the y equals x.' So if you want to find log base b of x, you're asking what power do you have to _____ b to in oder to get x? -- raise/multiply/divide
With logs, the base of the log _____ to the power of what's on the other side of the equal sign will equal the number that the log is operating on.
A(n) _____ triangle has two equal sides and two equal angles. -- isosceles/equilateral/obtuse