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As a reminder, two sequences, a sub n and b sub n, are _____ equivalent if the limit, as n goes to infinity, of a sub n over b sub n is one.
The _____ conjecture says that every even number is the sum of two primes. A prime number is one that's only divisible by itself and one.
 Golden section
"A length is devided into two parts in such a way that the smaller part is to the larger part in the same proportion as the larger one is to the whole."
Digits make up numerals and numerals stand for an idea of a _____ just like letters make up words and words stand for ideas.
By definition, when we say 'log base b of x equals y', that's the same thing as saying 'b to the y equals x.' So if you want to find log base b of x, you're asking what power do you have to _____ b to in oder to get x?
With logs, the base of the log _____ to the power of what's on the other side of the equal sign will equal the number that the log is operating on.
A(n) _____ triangle has two equal sides and two equal angles.