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 B - 1
The Real Reason Why AMERICA Built the B-1 BOMBER
 baby bear video
Its mother inexplicably swipes at the youngster with her paw. Scale, inexplicably, hurtling, dismay, swoop, godsend, inaccessible, staggering, perilously, youngster, footage, peicemeal, ridge
 bald eagle
Despite its name, bald eagles are not bald. Their name comes from the word '____' which means 'covered in patches of light and dark colors'. The white head and tail contrasted with its dark body make the bald eagle easy to identify. piebald/ribald/baldric
 beaver dams
 beaver dams
 Benjamin Franklin
 Benjamin Netanyahu
 Benny Gants
 Brain   • Dave  
Birthstones by Month: All 12 Birthstone Colors & Meanings
 black friday sale
Kick off, gear up, hiccup
 Black Hawk
Bezos accused the owner of the National Enquirer tabloid newspaper of blackmail. Bezos wrote the tabloid threatened to publish private photographs of him and his girl friend if he did not stop his investigation into its practices.
Asia Bibi, blasphemy, Mogadishu, Maurice Kamto
 Bosco Ntaganda
The need for palm oil has led to the creation of large plantations, especially in Southeast Asia. The group Amnesty International says the _____ demand is causing labor rights abuses on many plantations.