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So when Persephone was with Hades, Demeter was sad and not in the mood for the harvest. The Earth would decline into autumn and winter. When Persephone was with her mother, Demeter would shine from happiness and the land would become fertile and fruitful.
 Selahattin Demirtas
English Listening Practice Level 3 | Learn English Listening Comprehension | English 4K
 Shiori Ito
いとう しおり El Clasico
 sling psychrometer
 social media
Nobody is posting their bad days on social media. Social media is not real. You're only seeing the _____ part of someone's life. Your life is different from theirs because you get to experience the stuff that never gets posted.
 social media influencer
 Beyond The Sea    Beyond the Sea 1    Beyond the Sea 2    California Dreamin'    California Dreamin'    California Dreamin'    California Dreamin'    California Dreamin'    Dust In The Wind    Dust In The Wind    Dust In The Wind    Fly Me To The Moon    Fly Me To The Moon    Star spangled banner    Whiter Shade Of Pale    whiter shade of pale 1    whiter shade of pale 2    whiter shade of pale 3    whiter shade of pale 4  
 Star Spangled Banner
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