The Lottery
 Day Without Sight
 Dangerous Bites
 The Lord and the Farmers
 The Big Ship
 Life on the Farm
 A Famous Accident
 A Bet
 The anniversary gift
 Anna the babysitter
 The Coward's Lesson
 The North Star
 How Comet Got His Tail
 Beethoven's Gift
 The Solar Car Race
 The Forest People
 The Little Mice
 The Twins
 Epidemic in Zimbabwe
 Amazing Komodo Dragon
 The First Organ Transplant
 The Resourceful Landlord
 The Old Hound
 The Heirs
 The Teller and the Thieves
 The Corrupt Administrator
 The Icy House
 The Avalanche
 The Butler
 The History of Parachute
 The Senator and the Worm
 The History of Chocolate
 Thucydides and the Plague of Athens
 Becoming a Healer
 How the Dinosaurs Really Died
 The Helpful Abbey
 The Sun and the North Wind
 The Tenacious Inventor
 The Scribe's Warning
 The Betrayal
 Watch Out!
 Dressed to Excess
 The Lydian King
 The Tricky Fox
 The Shortcut
 The Demon's Bridge
 The Big Race
 I Didn't Do It!
 The Butler's Bad Day
 The Brothers and the Bread
 The Soldier's Dicision
 The Brute and the Billionaire
 A Dying Forest
 The Bachelor's Lesson
 Seizures Then and Now
 How a Singer Helped Win the War
◌◌◌ Brothers
 The School Play
 The Nurse's Lesson
 Greek Magical Papyri
 The Fossil Hunters
 The Traveler and the Innkeeper
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