around ⪢⪢
 around ⪢⪢
 around ⪢⪢
 around ⪢⪢
Everyone in the church turned _____ and looked. #novel
 around ⪢⪢
 around ⪢⪢
◎◎◎ perigee ⪢⪢
Now about half a month later, the moon has orbited halfway around its path and it gets to its closest point to the earth. We refer to this as perigee. → apogee, perihelion
◎◎◎ obnoxious ⪢⪢
That person can be really obnoxious. I don't care to be around him.
○○○ Peru ⪢⪢
In Peru, police guard an area around the national legislature. On Monday President Martin Vizcarra dismissed Congress and called for new elections.
 Copernicus's theory ⪢⪢
When Galileo announced that he believed in Copernicus's theory that the earth moved around the sun, some officials of the Roman Catholic church were angry. #possessive
○○○ orbit ⪢⪢
It would take the planet 10,000 to 20,000 years to make one full orbit around the sun. ▲→▲
○○○ configuration ⪢⪢
Our solar system's particular configuration of planets and other celestial objects, all revolving around the life-giving star, make it a special place to call home.
○○○ ransomware ⪢⪢
The cyber attack was described by experts as ____. Companies, government agencies and hospitals around the world lost control of their computer's data. Affected computers received a message demanding payment of $300 to regain control of the data. → ransom
 Christine Daaé ⪢⪢
Since she was child, Christine Daaé, a beautiful girl with blonde hair and blue eyes, traveled around Europe with her father who was a great musician. #fairy
○○○ mythology ⪢⪢
Most myths have supernatural beings or events. Greek mythology is the most popular and influential but many cultures around the world had their own tales and stories. #quote
○○○ wrap ⪢⪢
This is one of the fundamental questions of quantum physics and even Einstein had difficulty wrapping his brain around it.
○○○ down ⪢⪢
All services from Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google, were down for thousands of users around the world for two hours on Monday.
○○○ caretaker ⪢⪢
My grandmother's caretaker helps her get around the house.
○○○ genesis ⪢⪢
The origin of the universe is the origin of everything. Multiple scientic theories plus creation myths from around the world have tried to explain its mysterious genesis. #astronomy
○○○ Yunnan ⪢⪢
The herd of 14 has been roaming around China's Yunnan province. They are a different group from that famous herd of elephants who've been traveling across China for the past several months. 2021-07-17
○○○ turn around ⪢⪢
The captain turned around quickly.
○○○ log ⪢⪢
The pond makes it easier to move around the heavy logs they need to build the dams. Out of the water it's a struggle.
○○○ turn around ⪢⪢
○○○ snap ⪢⪢
But God was with Samson and Samson easily snapped the rope around his arms.
○○○ Thames ⪢⪢
Endangered sharks are swimming around the Queen! The UK's iconic river Thames was so polluted in the 1950's, scientists called it "biologically dead".
○○○ Kamila Valieva ⪢⪢
There is a mystery still swirling around the Russian figure skating team. That is 15 year old phenom _____ who could face disqualification after reportingly testing positive for a banned heart medication.
○○○ adequate ⪢⪢
Without adequate notice of the roadblock they will have to turn around.
○○○ turn around ⪢⪢
○○○ drift ⪢⪢
More than that, the sun is what holds the solar system together. It's massive gravity is what keeps the earth and all the other planets circling around it instead of drifting off into space.
○○○ amass ⪢⪢
And immediately prior to this declaration, the Russian army had amassed around 200,000 soldiers along with their tanks, artillery, equipment and field hospitals across their border and many others inside of Belarus along their border with Ukraine.
○○○ lie ⪢⪢
A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes. #Mark_Twain #quote #pronunciation
○○○ emblazon ⪢⪢
We're finally learning today what "Z" means. It's Russian shorthand for victory emblazoned on Russian tanks and military vehicles in Ukraine. Today critiques around the world are calling it "the New Swastika". 2022-03-08
○○○ would ⪢⪢
And as a result, the prince soon became vain and _____ criticize everyone around him.
 1200 ⪢⪢
In Western Europe, the Catholic religion is more and more on the offensive. The Pope launches the Baltic crusades intended to convert the pagan peoples around the Baltic sea. Germans arrive in Riga and begin their conquest.
○○○ perimeter ⪢⪢
The perimeter is the distance around the edge of _____ triangle. Just add up the three sides. #math
○○○ disprove ⪢⪢
The scientist disproved the theory that the sun moved around the earth.
○○○ due ⪢⪢
As mentioned, swings around the line are not due to how much innovation or hard work there is. They're primarily due to how much credit there is. #economy
 prime number theorem
Around 300 BC Euclid proved there were infinite number of prime numbers. ○ The number of prime numbers less than a certain natural number is asymptotically equivalent to x/(x⍻e).
 Present Continuous
(1) activities happening now (2) things happening around now "I am not doing a lot of exercise these days." (3) a very sure plan about the future "Next week, I am flying to Canada."
 Bethlehem, Palestine
Travelers from around the world gather in the biblical city of Bethlehem to celebrate Chrismas. Christians believe the town is the birth place of Jesus.
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