concern ⪢⪢
_____ is a feeling of worry.
 concern ⪢⪢
I was filled with _____ after reading the newspaper.
 concern ⪢⪢
In eastern Ukraine, government troops facing Russian-supported separatists in Luhansk voice concern about whether peace can hold as diplomats continue talks. 2022-01-25
 concern ⪢⪢
Fighting continues at a steel manufacturing center in Mariupol, Ukraine. Officials are concerned that civilians remain in the area. 2022-05-06
 concern ⪢⪢
◎◎◎ meteorological ⪢⪢
If something is _____ , it is concerned with the science of weather.
○○○ Anna Matteo ⪢⪢
Metcalf says the decision for the word of the year is not based on science. Instead, he says the A.D.S. chooses from words that express the concerns and stories of the past year. For VOA Learning English, I'm Anna Matteo.
○○○ make anxious ⪢⪢
Health experts are concerned that lack of public trust in COVID-19 Vaccines in Africa could prolong the coronavirus health crisis. 2021-05-04
○○○ 1959 Fidel Castro took control of the island nation of Cuba ⪢⪢
only 90 miles from the state of Florida. He established Cuba as a communist nation and began forging a close relationship with the Soviet Union, which concerned the United States. → forge, concern
○○○ Islamabad ⪢⪢
In Islamabad, Pakistan's foreign minister expresses concern over India's explanation of why a missile misfired and landed in a part of Punjab province. 2022-03-15
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