dead ⪢⪢
 dead ⪢⪢
 dead ⪢⪢
◎◎◎ dead zone ⪢⪢
You probably know what a _____ is. It's a place with no cellphone or wireless coverage. But the term isn't in the printed dictionary yet. It probably will be some day soon.
○○○ espouse ⪢⪢
Militant Islamic terrorists in Egypt have left a bloody trail of destruction. The loss of inocent lives from deadly bombings and other attacks had led the government to condemn extremist Islamic terrorists that espouse violence.
○○○ Uvalde ⪢⪢
Witnesses, including an 11-year-old girl, speak to U.S. law makers about the deadly school shooting in Uvalde, Texas. 2022-06-08
○○○ Mumbai ⪢⪢
The Indian navy is working to rescue 400 people from ships off the coast of _____ after a deadly cyclone struck the western coast.
○○○ San Jose ⪢⪢
American police say an attacker at a railroad center in San Jose, California has shot and killed 8 people. The attacker is also dead.
○○○ call ⪢⪢
A dead cat can _____ ghosts out of their graves.
 2021-08-16 evacuation ⪢⪢
Seven people are dead at the Kabul airport, as thousands of Afghans rush to the site attempting to leave the country, while western nations conduct evacuations.
 2021-08-28 backlash ⪢⪢
President Biden receiving fierce backlash from both parties after the deadly attack in Kabul yesterday that left 13 US service members dead and over 160 Afghans dead as well.
○○○ Thames ⪢⪢
Endangered sharks are swimming around the Queen! The UK's iconic river Thames was so polluted in the 1950's, scientists called it "biologically dead".
 Deadliest Animals
roam, toothy, recluse, trample, allergic
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