exist ⪢⪢
To exist is to be real.
 exist ⪢⪢
Do you really think that the unicorns ever existed.
○○○ 1962.10.15 ⪢⪢
The United States discovered the existence of these missiles. President John F. Kennedy and his advosers considered several different strategies ranging from diplomacy to a blockade or even a full-scale invasion of Cuba.
○○○ 1962.10.22+ The United States insisted ⪢⪢
that the missile bases be removed while the Soviet Union and Cuba refused to admit that the bases even existed. As the days continued, the Soviet Union remained diligent and the Kennedy administration began preparing the early stages of an invasion plan.
○○○ 1962.10.25 ⪢⪢
On that same day, the US embassadar to the United Nations, Adlai Stevenson, confronted the Soviets in the UN assembly revealing photographic evidence that forced the Soviet Union to admit the missile bases existed.
○○○ warhead ⪢⪢
It is capable of destroying any existing main battle tanks in the world as the Javelin's heat war head is capable of defeating modern tanks by hitting them from above where their armor is the thinnest. #bookmark
○○○ they're ⪢⪢
They're the most fascinating animals that never existed.
 Companies That Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago
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