mob ⪢⪢
A mob is a large crowd of people that often wants to cause violence.
◎◎◎ mobile ⪢⪢
 mob ⪢⪢
 Mobile Devices
○○○ Pequod ⪢⪢
Moby Dick's going to hit the Pequod. #prediction
 mobile phone
○○○ He is out there in the ocean. ⪢⪢
But he is here too in my dreams, always in my dreams. He will never leave me. He is whiter than the first beautiful snow in winter, whiter than the stars in the sky on a warm summer's night. But he brings only death. He is Moby Dick. #quote
○○○ brachiation ⪢⪢
His swinging motion is a technique known as brachiation. Gibbons have evolved long, strong forearms. Highly mobile joints in their shoulders and wrists enhance their fluid movement.
○○○ Starbucks ⪢⪢
The multi-billion-dollar corporation got its name from the book, Moby Dick. The coffee chain was inspired by the name of the whaling ship's first mate Starbuck.
○○○ mobile ⪢⪢
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