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04.20~05.20 Taurus the Bull ▷▷▷
-- brash, impulsiveness, serenity, Edenism, pamper
parole ▷▷▷
Brandon Elliot was convicted of stabbing his own mother to death with a kitchen knife in front of his 5 year old sister. Elliot served 17 years and was released in 2019 on lifetime _. He actually reported to his _ officer 4 days before the incident.
Starbucks ▷▷▷
The multi-billion-dollar corporation got its name from the book Moby Dick. The coffee chain was inspired by the name of the whaling ship's first mate Starbuck.
stomp ▷▷▷
This video is hard to watch. An elderly Asian American beaten in broad daylight. The suspect reportedly yelled "□□□□ you. You don't belong here." before kicking her to the ground. Then he _____ed on her head and body at least 3 times.