sour ⪢⪢
 sour ⪢⪢
I don't like lemons because I think they are too _____ .
◎◎◎ saucer ⪢⪢
→ sauce, source, resource, sorcer
◎◎◎ source ⪢⪢
A _____ of something is the place that it comes from.
○○○ 0850± Dnieper ⪢⪢
They go up the rivers with their light boats that they can then carry to the sources of the Dnieper and reach the Black Sea. #bookmark
○○○ protein ⪢⪢
Fish and beef are good sources of protein.
○○○ source ⪢⪢
The river was the _____ of drinking water for the village.
○○○ silty ⪢⪢
You can get more water from one of 4 sources: a juicy cactus, a pond with salty seawater, a clear still lake or a silty stream. → silt
○○○ filter water bottle ⪢⪢
What source of water will you choose to fill your filter water bottle with.
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