student ⪢⪢
Student is not a container you have to fill but a torch you have to light up. #quote
◎◎◎ report ⪢⪢
A _____ is something students write for school.
○○○ quantum ⪢⪢
The physics students studied quantum mechanics.
○○○ address ⪢⪢
She addressed her students.
○○○ exit ⪢⪢
The students exited through the front door.
○○○ refine ⪢⪢
The principal refined his method of controlling students over the years. #bookmark
○○○ distress ⪢⪢
Failing a class caused the student a lot of distress.
○○○ aware ⪢⪢
The teacher is aware of the students' difficulty with science.
○○○ 2022.02.25 ⪢⪢
Thousands of foreign students from Morocco, Nigeria, Egypt, India and other places are trapped in Ukraine as Russian forces attack by land, sea and air. → trap
○○○ exception ⪢⪢
Most students thought the test was hard, but Tim was the _____ .
○○○ marshal ⪢⪢
The students were marshaled outside and put into groups.
○○○ mock ⪢⪢
The girls _____ed Nancy because she was a new student. #bookmark
○○○ behavior ⪢⪢
The teacher is always watching the _____ of her students.
○○○ argue ⪢⪢
The two students argued over the correct answer.
○○○ ask ⪢⪢
The teacher asked the students for the answer.
○○○ award ⪢⪢
The student won the award for the top mathematics prize.
○○○ additional ⪢⪢
The students asked their teacher for additional time to finish their homework.
○○○ brain ⪢⪢
The student uses her brain to think.
○○○ equal ⪢⪢
Both students are _____ in age.
○○○ pleasure ⪢⪢
The student smiled with _____ when she received the prize.
 01 The Greeks, Newton and Leibniz
○ Many students quit math entirely when they get up to this point, mainly out of fear. ○ We will get to some of those in due time as well. ○ What challenge could possibly have necessitated the development of calculus?
 01 Introduction to Mathematics
○ Many students wonder why it's even necessary to learn in the first place. ○ How social media knows who you're going to tag in a photo before you do.
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