troops ⪢⪢
For comparison, this is nearly the same size as the entire Ukrainian military and about the same number of troops sent by United States when invading Iraq in 2003. ┆soldiers or armed forces "UN peacekeeping troops" → forces
◎◎◎ forces ⪢⪢
Israeli forces kill two Palestinians in clashes in the West Bank and a third in Jerusalem after he opened fire at police, hours after Israeli soldiers were wounded in a car attack in Jerusalem. ┆an organized body of military personnel or police → troops
○○○ U.S. troops ⪢⪢
U.S. troops clash with pro-Syrian government groups in northeastern Syria. Syrian media report one civilian was killed and another wounded in the fighting. 2020-02-12
○○○ call for ⪢⪢
In Iraq, thousands rally in Baghdad after a religious leader called for protests against the presence of US troops. 2020-01-24
○○○ 2022.02.22 ⪢⪢
After Russian troops unleashed a brutal military assault on Ukraine launching more than 160 ballistic missiles and rockets across the country, a fiery scene shows the destruction in one town in the southeast part of the country.
○○○ call for ⪢⪢
The Iraqi parliament on Sunday passed a resolution calling for foreign troops to leave the country. ┆a formal opinion of a meeting → the measure 2020-02-06
○○○ pull ⪢⪢
U.S. President Donald Trump defends a decision to pull U.S. troops from Northern Syria. The Trump Administration says Turkey will go forward with a planned operation into the area. 2019-10-07
○○○ Ceuta ⪢⪢
Spanish officials deploy troops to Ceuta to patrol the border with Morocco after thousands of migrants swam into the city. #image #place
○○○ 2021.08.12 Kabul ⪢⪢
The U.S. State Department says the country is sending 3,000 troops to Afghanistan to help bring home workers from the U.S. embassy in Kabul.
○○○ contingent ⪢⪢
And tonight President Biden is deploying another 1,000 troops to Kabul. They are part of 6,000 strong contingent to help evacuate Americans.
○○○ concern ⪢⪢
In eastern Ukraine, government troops facing Russian-supported separatists in Luhansk voice concern about whether peace can hold as diplomats continue talks. 2022-01-25
○○○ deploy ⪢⪢
U.S. troops crossed into Romania from Hungary late Wednseday. About 1,000 U.S. troops are being deployed there because of the Russia-Ukraine crisis.
○○○ 2022.03.03 ⪢⪢
Russia gave its first report of casualties today. The defence ministry announced nearly 500 Russian troops have so far died in its war on Ukraine.
○○○ Boston Dynamics ⪢⪢
Developed by Boston Dynamics, the robot dog can accompany troops on missions and assist with tasks such as reconnaissance and surveillance.
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