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In the Rocky Mountains beaver dams slowly filter billions of tons of water. The ponds build up soil and nutrients and help prevent floods and droughts.
 Big Bend
Big Bend National Park
Incredible: A Caracal Slaps Down a Bird in Flight
 Coral Reefs
Though they may look like colorful plants corals are in fact made up of tiny animals called polyps.
National Geographic
 Lions 101 | Nat Geo Wild
Pangolins: The Most Trafficked Mammal You've Never Heard Of | National Geographic
 Philippine Eagle
 The Differences Between Crocodilians
The Differences Between Crocodilians
 The World's Biggest Wasp
In the lowland forests of Asia, there's an insect with a frightening reputation. A quarter-inch long stinger injects a complex enzyme mixture that destroys the tissue. They live through much of Asia, from India to Japan.
Yellowstone: America's First National Park
 Yellowstone Supervolcano
Why the Yellowstone Supervolcano Could Be Huge